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Reclaim Disk Space With TreeSize

Reclaim disk space with TreeSize

Are you also trying to figure out what’s eating up your disk space? Find out by reading our guide on how to reclaim disk space with TreeSize.

Let’s start by typing in Treesize into your favorite search engine, or you could just use the direct link if you prefer.

google search

Once on the front page click on Download.

download treesize

Choose a download mirror by selecting your region.

select download mirror

Specify if you want to download the installer or a zipped file.

save to file type

Locate the file on your system once you completed the download.

locate the treesize installer

Right-click on it, and Run as administrator.

run the installer with administrative privileges

Click on Yes to confirm you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC.

allow making changes

Select your preferred language and click on Ok to continue.

choose installer language

To install TreeSize, we have to accept the license agreement. Once done click on Next.

accept license agreement

Specify the destination folder where you want TreeSize to be installed.

specify installation path

Choose how visible you want TreeSize to be. We recommend at least an entry in the start menu.

choose alternative options.

The installation is now complete. If you want to remove files after scanning, then you have to launch TreeSize with administrative privileges.

complete installer

TreeSize will now start searching through the filesystem. Once the search is complete, the results are going to be displayed sorted from top to bottom in percentages.

treesize startup screen

In the picture below the C drive is 22.1GB which consists of 100% of its size. The Windows folder is 12.4GB in size and takes up 56.6% of C drive. By following the percentages from top to bottom, you can locate the files eating up all of your space.

Be warned. Our example consists of files from the Windows directory. It’s generally not a good idea to remove any of those unless you know what you’re doing.

treesize running

Thank you for your time reading our guide on how to reclaim disk space with TreeSize. Please leave us a comment if you found it useful.

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